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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for organizing and overseeing all of our programming and events. All our representatives are elected and participate in our Commissions. Most importantly, the Board of Directors is the final decision making body of our democratic structure and must approve all resolutions before they come into effect.

Executive Committee
Jasmine Wong Denike, President
Mathias Memmel, Vice-President Internal
Cassandra Williams, Vice-President University Affairs
Lucinda Qu, Vice-President External
Farah Noori, Vice-President Equity
Shahin Imtiaz, Vice-President Campus Life
Ryan Gomes, Vice-President Professional Faculties
Nour Alideeb, UTMSU President
Division I Directors
Cole Mellows, Innis College
Nadine Abdel-Ghafar, New College
Sila Elgin, New College
Nicholas Grant, New College
Damian Di Biaise, St. Michael’s College
Leanne Grupusso, St. Michael’s College
Georgina Merhom, St. Michael’s College
Sarah Harrison, Trinity College
Chimwemwe Alao, University College
Mira El Hussein, University College
Ryan Hume, University College
Garnet Lollar, Victoria College
Stephanie Spagnuolo, Victoria College
Christina Badiola, Woodsworth College
Ahmad Ilyas, Woodsworth College
Sebastian Salomon, Woodsworth College
Paul Rhamey, Transitional Year Program
Jacob Reinertson, Computer Science
Victoria Liao, Humanities
Alissa Mirochnitchenko, Life Sciences
Vacant, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Tsukasa Kikuchi, Rotman Commerce
Timothy Law, Social Sciences
Division II Directors
Faizan Akbani, Professional Faculties at-large
Sophia Wang, Professional Faculties at-large
Marienka Bishop-Kovac, Faculty of Architecture and Visual Studies
Joshua Raisin, Faculty of Dentistry
Addy Bhatia, Faculty of Engineering
Danja Papajani, Faculty of Engineering
Andrew Sweeny, Faculty of Engineering
Naomi Maldonado-Rodriguez, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education
Justin Kim, Faculty of Medicine
Katie Grundy, Faculty of Nursing
Adriana Too, Faculty of Pharmacy
Orvin Lao, Toronto School of Theology
Aidan Fishman, Faculty of Law
Jacob Feldman, Faculty of Music
Division III Directors
Sarah Amjad, UTMSU
Teresa Bai, UTMSU
Noor Bajaj, UTMSU
Noor Chaudhry, UTMSU
Sharon Lui, UTMSU
Ameera Marlewski, UTMSU
Fatima Mohamed, UTMSU
General Equity Directors
Nish Chankar
Falhad Mohamoud
Krunal Kanani
Ramz Aziz
Jayme Nadolny
Lee Grace


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