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Candidate Statements

List of Candidates and their Candidacy Statements:

Justine Huyer: Transitional Year Program

A Yogini and equity advocate, my belief in success through unity is unwavering; my passion for interpersonal sustainment is influential. I believe in a creative approach to advocacy. By recognizing the unique and inspirational stories of TYP students, it is my mission to be a diligent liaison between the powerful and diverse voices of our College and the UTSU. Actualizing this initiative will be my genuine joy! Through receptive and intuitive listening, I will convey the input of the TYP community with respect and authenticity. Share with me your visions, and allow me to faithfully support you in their realization!

Osman Osman: Transitional Year Program 

Commitment and dedication are essential to the professional world. The TYP representative is the link between the program and the Student Union of the University of Toronto. In order to enter the first step of this new professional world, we must be at the table and be present. This is why we need representation for our establishment, and I believe I can be the representation we need. I am dedicated and committed to voicing all of our concerns, connection to other professionals in different formats, whether it be networking or creatively, and getting these things done in a timely matter.

Amal Ismail-Ladak: Innis College

Hi Innis! I’m Amal, and I want to be your UTSU Innis College Director. I’m in my 2nd year, double majoring in International Relations & Health Studies and minoring in History. I’ve been involved on both sides – Innis and UTSU – and want to give back to both communities. I would act as a liaison by conveying the needs and wants of Innis Students on the UTSU, meet with students to find out what they care about and want to see, and strive towards interconnectedness among Innis College and the UTSU. I look forward to working for and with you.

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