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Clubs Funding

Clubs Funding

One of our primary services for clubs is funding. For many clubs, our funding is the primary or only source of funding they receive. All application forms are available below.

You should carefully review the eligibility guidelines below before applying.

 Eligibility Guidelines

To be eligible for funding, your club must be recognized, and must have attended a training session in this academic year prior to submitting a funding application.

Also, please note the following:

• Your club must follow the guidelines listed our Clubs Policy
• Your club cannot apply for more than one funding level in the same year
• All expenses your club claims must be made in the year your funding is received
• Funding is distributed to your club in installments. See the diagram below. 
• We are only permitted to cover 50 percent of your club’s total expenses
• We are not permitted cover the cost of alcohol, capital expenses, honoraria, prizes, or apparel for your club executives

NEW apply for funding online!

UTSU recognized clubs can now apply for UTSU clubs funding online through Fluid Review. Visit www.utsu.fluidreview.com to login or create your account. Please note that Fluid Review is also used for clubs recognition. Once your club is recognized, you will be able to find funding applications directly in your Fluid Review account, there is no need to create a new account to apply for clubs funding.

Types of Funding

Please see our Clubs Policy for details.


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