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Clubs Services

Besides training and funding , we provide supplementary services to UTSU recognized clubs  to assist you in your programming and event planning. Check out the different service programs we have below.

Free Printing & Photocopies

Your club has access to free photocopying and printing in our office.

This service works on a credit-based system. Your group is allotted:

1,000 credits for the Fall and Winter sessions (September-May) and
500 credits for the summer session (May-September).

Printing Credit Costs:

Black & white 8.5’’ x 11’’ = 1 credit each
Black & white 8.5” x 14” or 11” x 17” = 2 credits each
Colour 8.5’’ x 11’’ = 2 credits each
Colour 8.5” x 14” or 11” x 17” = 4 credits each

In order to access this service, bring a USB stick with your files or a hard copy to our office and our staff will assist you.

For large print jobs of 100 copies or more, we ask that you submit your originals and return the next day to pick up the copies. Smaller print jobs can be completed while you wait.

Clubs Box Office

In order to provide a central hub for clubs to sell tickets for their events, the UTSU will assist in the facilitation of ticket sales through the UTSU Front Desk and Mobile Kiosk.

Click here to download the Clubs ticket policy the Ticket Sales Agreement for more information.


We have a barbecue, coffee urns and water barrels available for use if your club needs them. A deposit is required for these rentals, fully refundable upon return of clean working equipment. For security reasons, we only accept cheques (made out to Students Administrative Council) for deposits.

Rental items should be booked one week in advance with our Internal Coordinator. For equipment availability, please contact rentals@utsu.ca.

Coffee Urns and Water Barrels

Coffee Urns and Water Barrels are available with a refundable $40 deposit per item.


This service is available seasonally, weather permitting.

In order to book our barbecue please come to the office, fill out a rental form and make a deposit. We can only confirm your booking once your club makes the deposit and pays for the propane.

Please note that our barbecue can only be used between 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on our lawn.

The deposit for barbecue use is $200.00 (refundable) and the propane charge is $25.00 (non-refundable).


Your club can address expected mail to our office. The address is:

12 Hart House Circle
Toronto, ON M5S 3J9

If you are addressing mail to our office, please be sure to check your mailbox at least once per week – space is limited.

Important: Please have your mail addressed to a club name and not an individual.

Clubs Bulletin

We send out regular e-bulletins advertising your events to the clubs community. Your club can submit content for this listserv to help advertise your events and programs.

Send your content to clubs.bulletin@utsu.ca.

Insurance Coverage

We offer free insurance certificates for your club’s events if you require them. Not all events are eligible for coverage. To request an insurance certificate, or to check the eligibility of your event, please send the following information to finance@utsu.ca a minimum of two weeks prior to the event:

* Club name
* Contact information for two individuals responsible for the event
* Name of the event
* Description of the event
* Venue name and full address
* Expected number of attendees

Safe Space & Accessibility Training

If you would like to have a presentation/workshop hosted for your club to ensure your club is a safe space and to receive training on how to throw accessible and equitable events, please contact the Vice-President Equity, Najiba Ali Sardar to request a time and date at vpequity@utsu.ca.


If your club needs assistance with drafting your constitution or planning an event, we’re here for you. Send an email to vpcampuslife@utsu.ca to make an appointment.

Personalized, Ethically-made Swag

Your clubs can purchase products from the UTSU at any time throughout the year. All the materials are ethically-made, sustainably-made and sweatshop-free.

This includes T-shirts, bags, pens, buttons, lanyards, notebooks, clipboards, mugs and more. These materials can be customized with your own artwork.

Check out the Bulk Purchasing Guide: UTSU-Ethical-Purchasing-Guide-2016-Clubs-1.pdf (398 downloads)

If you wish to make an order, contact memberservices@utsu.ca or call 416-978-4911 ext. 224.

Clubs Directory

We publish an annual Clubs Directory for all students that showcases more than 400 campus clubs, Service Groups, Other Students’ Unions and Course Unions. The Clubs Directory is distributed to over 8000 students each year. Pick up your copy at our office, or Clubs Directory.

Discounted Banner Printing

Hung or draped banners

Made of vinyl material; can have grommets (holes) in each 4 corners.

3 sizes:
• 5′ x 3′ feet (60 x 36 inches) for $70 +HST = $79.10 includes delivery
• 6′ x 3′ feet (72 x 36 inches) for $75 + HST = $84.75 includes delivery
• 6′ x 4′ feet (72 x 48 inches) for $80 + HST = $90.40 includes delivery

X-Stand Banner



• Printed on tear and curl resistant vinyl
• X-stand: 23.5 x 63 inches (0.125 in. bleed) with 4 grommets $119 +HST = $134.47

Artwork Specifications:
• Artwork is to be provided in pdf or native .ai format.
• Artwork must be high resolution and in vector format
• 23.5 width x 63 height inches. (0.125 in. bleed)
• Includes delivery

Retractable Banner


• Printed on tear and curl resistant vinyl
• Retractable banner with canister: 
33.5 × 81 inches (0.125 in. bleed) for $169 + HST = $190.97

Artwork Specifications:
• Artwork is to be provided in pdf or native .ai format.
• Artwork must be high resolution and in vector format
• 33.5 width x 81 height inches. (0.125 in. bleed)
• Includes delivery

To order a banner come to our office, fill out a request form and pay the appropriate fee. You will be given instruction on uploading your artwork to our Dropbox account.

Takes approximately 10 business days.

Email services@utsu.ca for more information. 


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