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Council on Student Services

Council on Student Services

The Council on Student Services (CoSS) is a body made up of representatives from each of the central students’ unions from all three campuses and representatives from student services offered by the administration. Unlike most governing bodies of the University of Toronto, CoSS this is the only governance body where students have a majority of seats.

This council allows students to vote in favour of, against or to call for a referenda on any increase or introduction of compulsory non-tuition-related fees (also called ancillary fees).

The council was created to address the growing trend of universities increasing ancillary (or incidental) fees to make up for a lack of government funding. The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities mandates that this type of council exist at each university in the province.

The council also provides a forum for students to provide feedback with respect to the following student services:

  • The Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education (Athletic Services)
  • Hart House
  • The Office of Student Life
  • Academic Success Centre
  • Accessibility Services
  • Career Centre
  • Centre for Community Partnerships
  • Counselling & Psychological Services
  • The Centre for International Experience
  • Crisis & Academic Progress
  • First Nations House
  • Health Services
  • Multifaith Centre
  • Student Housing Services
  • Early Learning Centre
  • Family Care Office
  • Sexual & Gender Diversity Office

The University of Toronto Students’ Union holds four seats on CoSS. This year, your representatives are:

Ben Coleman (president@utsu.ca)

Equity Sania Khan (vpequity@utsu.ca)

Vice-President External
Jasmine Denike (vpexternal@utsu.ca)

Vice-President University Affairs
Vere Marie Khan (vpua@utsu.ca)

Vice-President Internal
Ryan Gomes (vpis@utsu.ca)

Please contact your representatives if you have any feedback on the student services mentioned above.

CoSS report

Each year, the University of Toronto Students’ Union creates a report based on the discussions had at the Council on Student Services. The report can be downloaded here.

Click here to download the CoSS Report 2013



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