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Elections Notice

Notice to Members: Fall 2016 Elections and St. George-wide Referendum

UTSU is your Students’ Union. The UTSU is governed by a Board of Directors elected by YOU. Our campaigns and services are also shaped by YOU. Our aim is to provide services and events that save YOU money and enrich YOUR university experience.

The University of Toronto Students’ Union is holding a St. George-wide Referendum:

Charter for Referendum available here.

Referendum question:

The University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) is seeking consent from its members on the St George Campus for the establishment of the UTSU Dedicated Clubs, Events, and Services Fee. Each member of the UTSU would pay $3.75 sessionally (including the Summer session), beginning in Fall 2017. The collection of this fee would continue for five years (until Spring 2022), after which, a referendum will be required for continuation. The UTSU would be required to spend all of the collected fees exclusively on 1) funding for student clubs, 2) events held for students, and 3) services provided directly to students. The UTSU would not be permitted to spend any of the collected fees on salaries or executive honoraria.

Ballot Options: Yes, No, Abstain

All UTSU Referenda are governed by a document called the Charter of Referenda. If you want to get involved in a campaign please acquaint yourself with this Charter. If you wish to advocate or promote a side of the referendum, please register as part of an Advocating Committee with the Chief Returning Officer—12 Hart House Circle, or contact cro@utsu.ca

The University of Toronto Students’ Union is holding its 2016 Fall Elections for the following positions:

Elections Procedures Code available here.

Division I Directors:
• Innis College (1)
• Transitional Year Program(1)

Division II Directors:
• Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (1)

Academic Directors:
• Mathematical and Physical Sciences – 1

To run for a position, please pick up a nomination package during the nomination period at the UTSU office – 12 Hart House Circle or download it here. Please keep in mind the dates and deadlines listed below.

The Election Dates are as follows:

Nomination Period: Friday, September 30, 9:00am to Thursday, October 6, 5:00pm

Silent Period: Thursday, October 6, 5:00pm to Monday, October 10, 9:00am

All-Candidates Meeting: Saturday, October 8, 11:00am

Campaign Period:

In-person campaigning: Monday, October 10, 9:00am to Monday, October 17, 11:59pm

Online campaigning: Monday, October 10, 9:00am to Thursday, October 20, 6:30pm

Voting Period: Tuesday October 18, 12:00am—Thursday, October 20, 6:30pm*

Polling Stations: Open October 19th and 20th from 11:00am until 5:00pm

Voting Locations:

St. George Campus
• Athletic Centre—55 Harbord St *Open only on Oct. 20th
• Bahen Centre for Information Technology—40 St. George St. *Open only on Oct. 20th
• Goldring Student Centre—150 Charles St. W
• Kelly Library—113 St. Joseph St. *Open only on Oct. 20th
• Koffler Building (Cross over from Bahen Centre) *Open only on Oct. 19th (11-12:30, 3-5pm)

*Note: Online voting opens October 18th at 12:00am and will be open for 24 hours a day until the voting period ends on October 20 at 6:30pm. Polling stations are open on October 19th and October 20th from 11:00am until 5:00pm. To vote at a Polling Station, you must present a valid TCard.

Accessibility Information:

For the Fall 2016 Elections, the polling stations will provide students the option to vote online in a private voting booth. For more information visit the “Voting at a Polling Station” section of the website. The polling stations are accessible, and below is a description of the accessible entrances nearest the polling stations:

• Athletic Centre: Enter through one of the main entrances on Harbord St. or on Classic Ave. The North side of the building (Harbord St.) has a pathway leading to a power door opener. The South side of the building (Classic Ave.) has a pathway leading to an accessible entrance. Note, the door is difficult to see from Classic Ave. The polling station will be located in the main floor lobby of the Athletic Centre.

• Goldring Student Centre: Enter through the 150 Charles St. West entrance. An accessible door in approached by a level pathway. Entrance is located under a concrete awning that faces Charles St. West. The polling station will be located on the second level; an elevator is located in the main lobby.

• Kelly Library: A powered, glass door is approached by a small accessible curb ramp at the west end of the front plaza (near bike racks). Entrance faces north and is located under the large, concrete awning, which is clearly visible from the street. The polling station will be located in the main floor lobby of the Kelly Library.

• Bahen Centre: There are two accessible entrances facing St. George Street, and one located in the inner courtyard behind the Koffler Student Services Centre. The voting station will be located in the main floor lobby of the Bahen Centre.

• Koffler Student Services Centre: The entrance faces east and is clearly visible from St. George street; there is a powered door that can be approached by a ramp. The voting station will be located in the main floor lobby of the Koffler building.


For more information, contact the Chief Returning Officer at cro@utsu.ca 

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