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Fall Reading Week

Fall Reading Week


Many of us experience extreme levels of stress due to financial concerns, pressure to succeed, and familial and other commitments, but have difficulty accessing support services available to them. The strain on Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is evidenced by long wait times that some students have cited as a reason they opted not to use this service.


Although CAPS is an essential service, it is imperative that the University takes a more proactive approach to addressing mental health concerns. Research demonstrates the importance of an extended break from a stressful environment, in allowing time to decompress and regroup. Many universities across Canada have recently implemented a fall reading week or are considering the idea, as one aspect of plans to create a healthier learning environment for students. Most recently, Brock University introduced a fall reading week, a recommendation that stemmed from research undertaken to develop a mental health strategy.


Our peers at the University of Toronto Scarborough also experience the benefits of a fall reading week.


We need to bring a fall reading week to campus in our efforts to address mental health on campus proactively.


To join the campaign, contact vpequity@utsu.ca.





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