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Canadian Federation of Students

A photo of the CFS banner

Each individual member of the University of Toronto Students’ Union is also a member of the Canadian Federation of Students, joining over 600,000 students across the country in advocating for more affordable and accessible college and university education.

The Canadian Federation of Students is the voice of students in Canada, advocating for high quality education, lower tuition fees, more financial assistance and debt relief for students. As high user-fees caused access to university and college to become increasingly restricted, several provinces introduced tuition fee regulation after successful lobbying by students, coupled with increased public support.

Working together across the country for more than thirty years, students in Canada have come together through the Canadian Federation of Students to accomplish our common goals. Together, we tackle issues of education, violence and oppression, sustainability, poverty, housing, childcare, and other issues affecting students’ daily lives.

Federation Executive Committee Members:

Chairperson: Jessica McCormick (Memorial University of Newfoundland Students’ Union, Local 35)

Deputy Chairperson: Vanessa Hunt (York Federation of Students, Local 68)

Treasurer: Gabe Hoogers (King’s University, Local 11)

 Ontario Representative: Anna Goldfinch, Carleton University Graduate Students‘ Association, Local 78)

Racialized Students’ Representative: Jessica Thyriar (York Federation of Students, Local 68)

Women’s Representative: Lauren Bosc (University of Winnipeg Students’ Association, Local 8)


For more information on the Canadian Federation of, check out their website at cfs-fcee.ca.





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