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Office Services

We offer a number of services in our office to help get you through life as a student. Click below for more information on each of them.

General Printing and Photocopying

At-cost black and white printing and copying is available at the UTSU office.

Pricing: 3¢ per imprint

Service available from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. only.

Bring your hard copy pages or a USB key to UTSU, 12 Hart House Circle if you wish to use this service. You will not have access to the internet.

Income Tax Clinics

Need help filing your taxes? Register for our free Income Tax Clinics, held at the end of March and throughout April.

Booking an appointment

Click here for the UTSU Income Tax Clinic website. You can book an appointment there when the service is active. The service is active mid March through until mid May. We do not offer this service at other times during the year.

What documentation you need to bring:

We can only file your taxes properly if you bring all the necessary documentation with you to our Clinic.

The following list will help you prepare for having your return completed. Our


• Your personalized return with the personalized labels you received in the mail

• A copy of your 2013 income tax return or volunteer summary, and your 2013 Notice of Assessment

• Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and, if applicable, your spouse’s SIN

• A list of your dependents and their exact dates of birth, and their SINs, if they have one

Information Slips

Many of these slips are available through the Canada Revenue Agency online services. Not every slip applies to each person.

• T4 – Salary and wages

• T4A, T5, T3 – Pension, annuity and investment income, savings bonds

• T4(OAS) – Old age security or Guaranteed income supplement or spouse’s allowance

• T4A(P) – Canada Pension Plan

• T4RSP, T4RRIF – Registered retirement savings plan, Registered Retirement Income Fund income

• T4E – Employment Insurance benefits

• T5007 -Social assistance payments or Worker’s compensation benefits

• RC62 – Universal Child Care Benefit

• If you have made income for work in a lump sum this year, bring the breakdown statement from the payor

Receipts for expenses and credits:

• T778 – Child care expenses and a completed T778

• Union dues

• T2202A – Tuition fees and education amount (you can print this from ROSI)

• Medical expenses (For prescriptions, a printout can be obtained from your pharmacy)

• Charitable or political donations

• All property taxes or rent paid

• Monthly or yearly public transit passes


• Details of spouse and dependent income

• Date of arrival to Canada and immigration status (if a new immigrant)

• Proof money transfer to dependents who are not residents

• Any other documentation that may pertain to your income taxes

Out-Going Faxing:

We offer free local faxing.

Long Distance

Domestic Pricing: 75¢ per page
International Pricing: $3.00 per page


We offer free local telephone calls.

We have several bulletin boards for campus groups to share current events and news.

STOP Plate Anti-Theft Device

You can protect your computer, tablet or other valuables with this cost-effective anti-theft and recovery product. STOP plates are permanently affixed to your item and reduce the percentage of theft by clearly marking your equipment as an obvious liability for any would-be thief. STOP plates are marked with a unique registration number that dramatically increases the incidence of recovery.

STOP Plates are available at the UTSU office for $20 after tax, which includes a lifetime listing in the STOP database.

You must bring the item you wish to protect with you.

For more information, please check out the STOP website, contact memberservices@utsu.ca, or call 416-978-4911 ext. 224.

TTC Metropass & Tokens

We sell Post-Secondary Student TTC Metropasses during the last week of each month, and into the following month while supplies last. We also sell tokens throughout the month.

The cost of the TTC Metropass has increased to $116.75
Tokens have increased to $15.00 for 5 tokens.

To be eligible to use the Post-Secondary Metropass, students must be working full-time towards a degree at the University of Toronto. In order to use the new Metropass, you will need to carry a Post-Secondary TTC Student Photo ID card. You can get your card made on certain dates at UofT, or any date at Sherbourne station.

Planning to purchase a Post-Secondary Student Metropass some time this year?

You will need a post-secondary student ID card to accompany it.

Make your ID card ON campus


St. George Campus,
7 Hart House Circle,
Hart House Reading Room


September 7, 2016
from 9am – 3pm

October 27, 2016
from 9am – 2pm


$7.00 (Cash only)

Bring your t-card and/or official fall acceptance letter; timetable, or official tuition receipt. Must be a full-time student attending classes this fall.

Make your ID card OFF campus


Post-Secondary ID cards can be made at Sherbourne Subway Station.


$5.25 (Cash only)

Bring with you:

(1) Official fall acceptance letter; timetable, or tuition receipt. On paper or shown on a digital device. Must be a full-time student (minimum 3 courses) and your full name must appear at the top of the document.

(2) Government photo ID or t-card for identification.

File your taxes for free

If you don’t want to use our free Income Tax Clinics or you are filing at times of the year when our service is not available – you can still file your taxes for free. Through our membership in the Canadian Federation of Students, we offer free tax filing to our members.

The Canadian Federation of Students and UFile.ca, provide free online tax filing services for all Canadian post-secondary students. For more information, contact vpis@utsu.ca.

Free ISIC Discount Card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally-recognized proof of full-time student status, and giving you discounts around the world. The card is available to all full-time undergraduate students.

Because we are members of the Canadian Federation of Students, you receive your ISIC for free.

ISIC discounts include 15% off of Porter Airlines flights, 40% off of printing and copying at FedEx, 25% off Greyhound travel, 30% off Dell Laptops as well as local discounts around the University of Toronto. Check out the ISIC Canada website for a full listing of discounts. You can also find discounts at the back of our Handbook and Dayplanner.

If you are traveling abroad, the ISIC provides access to discounts on accommodation, admission to historical sites and museums and entertainment attractions. For more information on international discounts see the International ISIC website.

Your ISIC also serves as your Health and Dental Plan ID. Click here for more information about our Health and Dental Plans.

We are equipped to create your ISIC in our office. Please bring your T-Card.

Questions? Email internal@utsu.ca.

OOHLALA Mobile App

Save money through social media! Discover our mobile app, OOHLALA. It’s free for students and always will be. Get local discounts and coupons, get on the guestlist for nightclubs, network with friends, take a virtual tour of campus, join a club, promo events and more with this comprehensive campus app.

Download the app at gotoohlala.com.





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