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Open Meetings

Open Meetings – UTSU Commissions

Our Commissions provide the chance for you to get involved. Our Commissions are general members’ meetings that operate under the principles of direct democracy – each of our members has a vote! All decisions about campaigns and events are made through our Commissions.

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Academic & Student Rights Commission 

Academic & Student Rights Commission:

Contact: vpua@utsu.ca

Protect student rights and build a strong and empowered campus community

• University Governance
• Academic Policies
• Student Rights
• Grade Appeals

Campus Life Commission

Campus Life Commission: 

Contact: vpcampuslife@utsu.ca

Build a strong student life and campus community

• Athletics & School Spirit
• Semi-Formal Unity Ball
• Showcasing Clubs
• Cultural Events
• Orientation

Community Action Commission

Community Action Commission: 

Contact: vpexternal@utsu.ca

Be the change you want to see in the world

• Reduce Tuition Fees
• Transit & Housing
• Government Lobbying
• Community Engagement
• Keeping Education Public

Social Justice & Equity Commission

Social Justice & Equity Commission: 

Contact: vpequity@utsu.ca

Build a more inclusive university experience for everyone

• Fighting Discrimination
• Local and Global Issues
• Celebrating Diversity
• Building Inclusivity

Sustainability Commission

Sustainability Commission:

Contact: sustainability@utsu.ca

Let’s create a more sustainable, environmentally just world

• Food Security
• Public Transit
• Campus Agriculture
• Access to Tap Water
• Emissions Reductions



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