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Frequently Asked Questions – General Meetings

Have Questions?

Feel free to email any question you want to see answered in this FAQ to president@utsu.ca.

Voting By Proxy

What if I can’t attend?

If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, you may appoint another UTSU member as your proxyholder to attend and act on your behalf at the meeting. Voting by proxy means that you are giving the UTSU member named on the proxy form the authority to vote for you.

If I proxy my vote, can I still go to the meeting?

Unfortunately no. Because you need your voting card to enter and exit the meeting, you cannot attend the meeting if you have proxied your vote.

How do I proxy my vote?

Proxying your vote is easy and secure:

  1. Starting Tuesday 10 November at 9am you can log into the system at https://utsu.simplyvoting.com. (This is the same website for UTSU elections.)
  2. Select the person you want to proxy your vote to. You will be unable to select them if the person is not a registered UTSU member or already holds ten proxies (the maximum number allowed by UTSU policy).
  3. Give instructions to your proxyholder by filling out the options on the form presented.
  4. Your proxyholder will be sent an email to their @mail.utoronto.ca address to inform them that you have proxied your vote to them.
  5. If they accept your vote, then you have successfully proxied. If they do not accept your vote, you will have to find someone else to be your proxyholder. Either way, you will receive an email notification to keep you updated.

When is the deadline to proxy?

You must proxy your vote by Tuesday 17 November at 5pm. After this time the online system and UTSU office will be closed.

I’m having a problem using the online proxy system.

If you have any problems with the online system or have an accessibility request, email internal@utsu.ca. Simply Voting websites are audited against Section 508 and WCAG-2 accessibility requirements.

I’m going to the meeting. How do I get my friend to proxy to me?

If your friend is unable to come to the meeting, they can proxy their vote to you using the online system. The instructions are above.

Why is the proxy system different?

While still using paper, the proxy system was changed for the last AGM to comply with the regulations for the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act, specifically section 74. (2) (d). The paper system took a lot of time and resources, as each form had to be printed, signed, returned, and hand-verified, and was difficult for members to use. In addition, it offered very little flexibility for students who found the paper form inaccessible. Because of these problems, for this General Meeting, the proxy system has been moved online to remove some of the complications such as having to appoint a back-up proxyholder and having to enter large amounts of students’ personal information. It saves staff time and makes proxying easier for students by allowing us to move the proxy deadline closer to the meeting (in the past, the deadline was a week before the meeting so that staff had enough time to manually verify each form). There is no need for back-up proxyholders, as the online system prevents students from accidentally giving their vote to someone who is ineligible. Most importantly, an online system offers more flexibility for us to meet students’ accessibility needs. If you have questions or feedback about the online proxy system, feel free to email Tka Pinnock, Executive Director at executivedirector@utsu.ca.

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