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Stop Unfair Ancillary Fees

Stop Unfair Ancillary Fees


Last year, we investigated the incidental fees you pay along with their tuition fees. These fees are costs that cover services that are not part of your academic tuition fees, such as athletics. We found that some fees charged to students were against government policy. Some of these fees were removed, but we still think that there are some fees that you are being charged unfairly.


The government is very specific about what can be deemed an ancillary fee. The university is not allowed to increase ancillary fees to fund anything related to your education. In other words, these fees cannot be a backdoor tuition fee increase.


You should not be charged any fees related to:

• Academic buildings on campus or building access (student society buildings, athletic facilities and Hart House are exempted)

• Computer labs or information technology fees

• Laboratory fees

• Libraries

• Out-of-province field trips in a compulsory course

• Equipment that you must return (lab coats, goggles, etc.)

• An item that you create if you cannot keep it (architectural models, etc.)

• Mandatory lease of laptops


If you suspect you are being charged a fee that is against government policy, please report it by emailing policy@utsu.ca with the subject “Ancillary fee complaint”.



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