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Student Space & Rentals

Student Space

In responding to your needs, we have been working on a long-term goal of securing a student commons on campus. We hear numerous complaints from our clubs and membership about the lack of available bookable space for clubs, studying, rehearsals and other student activities. The National Survey on Student Engagement and polling from the administration agree with us – we need more student space on campus.

In 2007, we secured a commitment from the University of Toronto to allocate space on campus for a “student commons”. This space will be student owned and operated, and will be located at 230 College Street. In 2013 we finished negotiating an operating agreement with the University. We are waiting for Governing Council to finalize the agreement, and then we will be going through a large consultative process with our membership for what the building should look like.

In this space, we will have:

1. Permanent space for all our Service Groups
2. More clubs office space
3. Meeting rooms and study space
4. Two multi-faith spaces
5. A workshop
6. More lockers
7. An accessible computer lab
8. A large kitchen for use by clubs and Service groups
9. Lounge space
10. More study space
11. Student-run, healthy, affordable food establishments
12. An affordable print and copy centre
13. Rehearsal space

For more information, please contact president@utsu.ca


Audio/Visual Rental fees

We won an important victory last year when we convinced the University administration to stop charging clubs fees to rent audio/visual equipment on campus. After completing a one-year trial run, the University decided to revert to charging clubs these fees at a discounted rate.

While we are happy that our clubs are paying less, we do not think that students should have to pay for equipment that they already pay for through tuition and ancillary fees. Clubs are the core of student life on this campus and have limited resources, they shouldn’t be forced to pay extra to use available facilities.

We are working to reverse this decision. When the student commons opens, we will offer free space and A/V equipment to our clubs.


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