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Income Tax Clinics

Tax Clinic and Appointments 2016

Due to overwhelming popularity, we are no longer accepting any more appointments for this year. You may wish to find an alternative clinic by visiting the CRA website.

UTSU Tax clinic Sign-up

Booking an appointment – CLOSED

Tax clinic appointments begin on March 29, 2016 and run each day Monday – Friday until May 6, 2016. This service will provide support to hundreds of students.

If you would like to file your taxes for free in between Income Tax Clinics, all members of the Canadian Federation of Students (which includes full-time, part-time, undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Toronto) are eligible to use the UFile online filing software for free.

Some of the documents to collect are the following:

We can only file your taxes properly if you bring all the necessary documentation with you to our Clinic.
The following list will help you prepare for having your return completed.

• Your most recent Notice of Assessment
• Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and, if applicable, your spouse’s SIN
• A list of your dependents and their exact dates of birth, and their SINs, if they have one

Information Slips
Many of these slips are available through the Canada Revenue Agency online services. Not every slip applies to each person.

• T4 – Salary and wages
• T4A – Scholarships, bursaries
• T4RSP – Registered retirement savings plan
• RC62 – Universal Child Care Benefit
• If you have made income for work in a lump sum this year, bring the breakdown statement from the payor

Receipts for expenses and credits:
• T778 – Child care expenses and a completed T778
• Union dues
• T2202A – Tuition fees and education amount (you can print this from ROSI)
• Medical expenses (For prescriptions, a printout can be obtained from your pharmacy)
• Charitable or political donations
• All property taxes or rent paid, a lease is not considered a receipt
• Monthly or yearly public transit passes and the receipt of payment

• Details of spouse and dependent income
• Date of arrival to Canada and immigration status (if a new immigrant)
• Any other documentation that may pertain to your income taxes

This is not an inclusive list but gives an idea of the kinds of documents that you should be gathering and have in your possession before you schedule an appointment.
We can not help you if:
• You have foreign income
• You make more than $40,000 anually
• More than $1000.00 in box 48 of the T4 form
• Bankrupt individuals
• You do not show up for your appointment
• People looking to file for family members must have their family members present at the appointment.
If you use the online system and cannot find a date that works for you, please email services@utsu.ca directly.


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