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Transitional Year Program (Save TYP )

Transitional Year Program


For four decades, the Transitional Year Program  has offered successful applicants a chance to gain entry into the University of Toronto Undergraduate Faculty of Arts and Science. It is intended for students from communities under-represented within post-secondary institutions who may not have the formal qualifications for university admission. These include people from indigenous, African and African-Diasporic communities, South-Asian, East-Asian, LGBTTQ, working-class and migrant communities; sole-support parents and anyone else who has experienced significant systemic barriers in accessing university.


The approach of the Transitional Year Program has provided students of various backgrounds a higher level of education. The Transitional Year Program has a tradition of 43 years of successfully assisting people to attend and complete an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto St. George Campus.


Recently, the University administration has been trying to financially starve the program out of existence. Their stated position is that the program fails to turn a profit and therefore represents a financial burden. The University has also refused to replace staff that have retired or whose contracts have terminated and reallocated the space where the program is housed.


Without immediate action and support, the program will soon be unable to fulfill its primary objective: to offer potentially life-changing opportunities to those most vulnerable and disenfranchised members of our society.


We support the existence of the Transitional Year Program and the efforts of its students and faculty to keep the program afloat.


Please sign the petition.


For more information, visit the Transitional Year Program Preservation Alliance.


You can also contact vpequity@utsu.ca for more information.




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