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Staff Members

UTSU Staff Members

Your Students’ Union staff is here to help you! Please do not hesitate to contact us any time you have questions about your Students’ Union!


Our staff is here to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time you have questions about any of our programs and services.


Internal Coordinator: Esman Calles
internal@utsu.ca | 416-978-4911 ext. 226

Esman is most likely the first person you will see when you visit our office. Esman coordinates services offered at the front desk, including the printing service, discounted entertainment tickets TTC sales. He also oversees logistics for the office, meetings and special events.


Health & Dental Plan Coordinator: Maria Pilar Galvez
health@utsu.ca | 416-978-4911 ext. 227

If you have a question about our Health and Dental Plans, Maria is the person to contact. She makes sure students are getting the most from the UTSU Plans. She coordinates the opt-out refunds and payment for dependent coverage. She is always looking for ways to help save you money through our plans.


Member Services Coordinator: Terri Nikolaevsky
services@utsu.ca | 416-978-4911 ext. 224

Terri oversees the development and delivery of many of our services, including the Food & Clothing Bank, free income tax clinics, and the Good Food Box. She also coordinates the Blue Crew – a unique volunteering opportunity. If you have a question or suggestion about any of our services please do not hesitate to contact Terri.


Clubs & Service Groups Coordinator: Vita Carlino
clubs@utsu.ca | 416-978-4911 ext. 235

Vita acts as a resource to the our clubs, helping to keep more than 300 UTSU recognized clubs organized and funded. She is available to help clubs schedule meetings with the Vice-President Campus Life, review and create constitutions, and break down the Clubs Policy. Vita also helps to compile the regular clubs bulletins with the Vice-President Campus Life to help keep all our recognized clubs connected to each other.


Events Coordinator: Igor Samardzic
events@utsu.ca | 416-978-4911 ext. 225

Igor is responsible for ensuring our events run smoothly. Some of the projects Igor works on are UTSUFest (Orientation), eXpression Against Oppression, Unity Through Diversity, Winter Week of Welcome and our Unity Ball Semi-Formal. Igor also helps with promotion and publicity and securing sponsorship.


Financial Coordinator: Adnan Najmi
finance@utsu.ca | 416-978-4911 ext. 236

From paying our bills and issuing invoices to reconciling bank accounts and services, Adnan’s job is to ensure the UTSU finances are in order. Adnan prepares your Health and Dental opt out cheques, and conducts reviews of UTSU insurance policies.


Graphic Designer: Justin Raj
design@utsu.ca | 416-978-4911 ext. 247

Justin works hard on a multitude of design projects to help keep members informed and engaged of the Union’s activities. His projects include branding, student handbook, clubs directory and various services, event and campaign initiatives.


Executive Director: Tka Pinnock
executivedirector@utsu.ca | 416-798-4911 ext. 222

Tka ensures that our internal operations and administration are well maintained, enabling your team to serve you best.  She oversees our budgeting and serves as the link between the Executive Committee and staff members.


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